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New clothes

RandomGayDoggie would love some new clothes to wear.

It is very cold and wintery and RGD does not like going outside as his paws get wet and he gets cold.

RGD saw some strange people wearing some very bright flashy clothes on the television news recently. RGD thinks these vestments could be cut up to make wonderfully stylish wee booties,  the rest of the material would make for a very nice matching basket covering.

RGD thinks he could use the large hats he saw a places to store his favourite bones.



RandomGayDoggie would like to go to Crufts.

RGD would run around and bark at all the fancy doggies and distract them from their silly showing-off. RGD would tell all the doggies there to join him and have fun.

RGD is very quick in his actions and thinks this would be very exciting. RGD is also very good at not getting caught and would make the people get very annoyed and make them look silly as he avoided all their traps.

RGD may only be very little, but RGD knows he can also make a great deal of noise.


RandomGayDoggie wants to go to the cinema.

RGD has never been before as RGD is not allowed into the cinema, but RGDS thinks he will be able to sneak RGD in.

RGD must remember to be very quiet, something RGD is not very good at.


RandomGayDoggie likes the beach.

RGD can run around and bark and dig in the sand and play in the water, but the water can be cold and that is not nice.

So RGD will leave the water and shake himself very much, and that is very nice.


RGD does not like wet weather.

RGD gets wet paws and they are cold and they are horrible and they make him unhappy.

RGDS much prefers the summer.


RandomGayDoggie loves nice bread.

RGD thinks is nice to nibble on the bread straight from the bread maker.

Both RGDS and weeDoggie are both happy when the bread maker finished making, especially as RGD does not like the noise the machine makes.

RGD barks at the machine but that does not make it stop.